Reciprocal Clubs

Recipricol play will start as of June 1st for the 2023 Season.  

We are pleased to offer a reciprocal program that includes outstanding local Clubs for regular access.

Recipricol tee times will be offered on a as needed basis. As of 2022 there will be a $50 charge (per player) to play certain Clubs (this will include your golf cart).   

Reciprocal privileges are for full members only. 

Times are arrangements between the Head Professionals of each facility and Meadowbrook Golf Club.  In general, these clubs will provide 2-3 tee times on a monthly basis, with limits on the amount of times any one member can visit.  These times must be arranged by the Head Professional only. Any attempts otherwise may jeopardize the arrangement.  Each club has a separate arrangement that may or may not include guest fees. 

Please do not book a time and invite a member from another club and expect the recipricol rate. Any time not booked through the Head Professional will not be allowed. 

Each Member is allowed 2 games at each of the recipricol Clubs
Recipricol club access is available to A Category, B Category, C Category, and Intermediate