Privacy Policy

Meadowbrook Golf Club (“MGC” and the “Club”) respects the privacy of its members and has implemented this Privacy Policy (“Policy”) to assist it in the appropriate management and protection of member personal information. In this Policy, “personal information” means any information that identifies an individual, including without limitation contact, financial and accounting information.  Where a member provides the Club with personal information about other individuals, for example, family members, the member is representing to the Club that he or she has the consent of the individual or is otherwise authorized to do so.  MGC may amend this Policy from time to time to reflect changes in its personal information management practices or changes in the law.  The date on which this Policy was last amended appears at the bottom.
Collection and Use of Personal Information: MGC collects personal information about members for the purposes of registration, the creation and maintenance of a member’s records and accounts, related administrative functions, communications about Club activities and business, collecting and processing fees, providing services and compliance with legal requirements.  MGC limits its collection and use of personal information to that required for these purposes, and to comply with the law and requests made by members.
Disclosure of Personal Information: MGC discloses personal information where required for the purposes set out above. It may also  use and disclose personal information in connection with a contemplated or actual reorganization of its business or an assignment, sale or other transaction involving the disposal of all or part of its business or assets. These other purposes may include permitting the due diligence required to determine whether a transaction should proceed.

The Member Information Handbook: Unless members instruct otherwise, their names, home and office telephone numbers, and email addresses will be published in the annual Member Information Handbook. As noted in successive editions of the Handbook, such information is for the sole use of the members, is not to be disclosed to non-members, and is not to be used by members for purposes unrelated to the Club, such as uninvited solicitations for business or charitable causes. Members who do not wish their contact information to be published in the Handbook should contact the Privacy Officer as set out below.
Third Party Service Providers: MGC may share personal information with its advisors and external service providers to the extent required to obtain their services.  For example, MGC may share personal information with its insurer, financial advisors, bank, lawyers and suppliers of information technology services. MGC contractually requires its advisors and third party suppliers to protect personal information, to which they are given access, in accordance with this Policy.
Protection of Personal Information: MGC uses various means to protect personal information. These   include: organizational safeguards, such as this Policy, staff training, MGC privacy practices and procedures and the designation of a Privacy Officer responsible for overseeing MGC compliance with this Policy.  Physical means are also used, such as restrictions on access to areas in which personal information is used and stored. In addition, the Club uses technological safeguards, such as limiting access to MGC’s electronic information system through passwords. MGC requires its staff, Directors and members of the Finance and Membership Committees who receive, handle or manage personal information to adhere to this Policy and MGC privacy practices and procedures through which the Policy is implemented.
Access and Correction of Personal Information:  Except in circumstances in which personal information is contained in privileged communications with MGC’s lawyers or reveals confidential information of MGC or personal information about another individual, members may obtain access to their personal information in MGC records.  As a safeguard, MGC asks that requests for access be made in writing addressed to MGC’s Privacy Officer.  Members are asked to update their personal information as necessary and may request amendments to their personal information in MGC’s records.
Consent: By providing personal information to the Club, members are consenting to its use and disclosure in accordance with this Privacy Policy.  From time to time in connection with specific services, members may be asked to consent to additional uses and/or the disclosure of their personal information on application forms or other documentation.  Where this Policy is amended, members will be understood to consent to the use and disclosure of their personal information in accordance with the amended policy.  Members may withdraw their consent, although doing so will have an impact on membership and for this reason, should be discussed with the Privacy Officer.

Privacy Officer Contact Information: Members are invited to direct any questions or concerns they have regarding this Policy, the Club’s personal information management practices or its management of their personal information, as well as requests for access or the correction of personal information, to the Privacy Officer at:


The Privacy Office
Meadowbrook Golf Club
11939 Warden Avenue, P. O. Box 670
Gormley, ON   L0H 1G0